Information Technology (IT)

What is IT?

IT covers any task which computers are used for. The usage The usage of technology to crunch information and resolve business challenges or to streamline and organize processes through technology in an organization is commonly known as IT. 

A few examples of IT are:

  • Building communication networks within the organization
  • Security of data and vital information
  • Creation and management of databases
  • CRMs and other tools that help employees overcome operational challenges, boost efficiency, and improve speed, accuracy and convenience of processes

Importance of IT

In today’s era, global connectivity and operations are solely dependent on IT systems. IT services are essential to keep systems running, networks connected and data secure. Nowadays, the usage of AI and data analytics is also growing rapidly in the IT sector. The integration of smart technologies is enabling businesses to improve their speed and market coverage alongside enhancing operational efficiency and resource utilization. There are various rapidly growing functions that the IT workforce is expected to manage:

  • Data Analytics – With social media, websites, and third-party platforms generating data streams for the business, the need for greater computing, and advanced software including AI analytics and cloud tools is increasing, creating demand for professionals in these areas.
  • Mobile and Wireless Infrastructure – The era of remote or on-the-go working has necessitated the building of robust networks, and cloud platforms for organisations that employees can access from any location at any time. Development and management of such solutions are another key demand vertical.
  • Cloud Technologies – The good old ‘server rooms’ or ‘server farms’ are now being increasingly replaced by cloud platforms, and serverless operations wherein the maintenance of hosting infrastructure is taken care of by the cloud service providers or data centre companies.
  • Network Bandwidth – With video communication becoming more popular by the day, greater network bandwidth and professionals to manage the infrastructure are also in high demand.