About TJ Infotech

Established solutions provider

TJ Infotech  has  been  a working  with  partners in being a provider of mission-critical  solutions  for  a  multitude  of  government  agencies, providing those agencies with solutions that are specifically catered to their needs and requirements. 

Government agencies which TJ Infotech has worked with:

  • Police
  • Military
  • Intelligence Units
 TJ Infotech  has  a  positive  track  record  of  working  with partners and multiple  government  agencies and is constantly  striving to exceed the expectations of its customers, while ensuring the confidentiality of data.

Active involvements in large projects

TJ Infotech has partnered with multiple prime bidders in numerous large multi-million dollars complex projects, following through closely with the projects from tender until the deliverance of projects to customer.

TJ Infotech strives to ensure that:

  • All projects are completed within the stipulated project timeline
  • All project milestones are met
  • System meets all user requirements and exceed users expectations
TJ Infotech has  successfully  completed  multiple  large-scale projects successfully, while ensuring that quality, professionalism and safety are not compromised in the process. 

Experienced in a large diversity of systems

TJ Infotech has  extensive  experience  in understanding,  consulting and implementing a wide scope of projects and systems, ensuring the quality of projects that are delivered to users.

Some past systems that TJ Infotech dealt with:

  • Communications
  • IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/Machine Learning (ML)
  • Drones
  • Helicopters
  • Planes
  • Tactical equipment
  • Surveillance
  • Security

Specialized core team

TJ Infotech has  specific  core,  commercial,  products and project teams which specialized in their respective areas of expertise, ensuring the best quality of service to users.

TJ Infotech specializations:

  • Product sourcing
  • Procurements
  • Projects
    • Bidding
    • Implementation
    • Supervision
    • Coordination
  • Engineering
    • System integration
    • System design and development
  •  Services 

Pioneer in introducing new technology


TJ Infotech has been the pioneer in delivering multiple new technologies with  partners to government agencies,  introducing new technologies to the relevant agencies based on their requirements.

Through   past    projects,  TJ Infotech   has  forged   a   relationship with partners  and  government  agencies.   Coupled  with  the  positive  track record and reputation of TJ Infotech, this allows TJ Infotech to be able to pitch improvements of the systems to end user.

Extensive long term relationships with leading OEMs

TJ Infotech has worked with different renowned OEMs throughout the world. From the relationships that have been forged, TJ Infotech is capable of  meeting the project requirements of the users and completing the projects within the stipulated  time  frame  for  different  solutions  and  project of different sizes. Few of them are listed below: